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S K I N Care! It's your insurance to any injectable or Tox treatment!

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Skincare is SO important! It’s one of those things that I know is extremely important but sometimes I’m not the best at keeping a consistent routine that includes all of the steps. So, I’ll tell you my basic skincare routine super easy! I notice a huge difference when I’m consistent with this routine and it’s super simple: cleanse, tone, Vitamin C Serum, moisturize & SPF. We carry Obagi Medical & AlumierMD in our clinic.

 Next topic is my favorite INJECTABLES.... If only I had a dollar for everytime I was asked what is the difference from Botox vs. Jeuveau or Dysport...... the answer is NOTHING! Jeuveau is actually the same exact molecule as botox. I have many people reach out and ask what I recommend for a tox and the answer is Jeuveau and Dysport! My two personal faves.I will let you guys in on a secret that your injector may not want you to be aware of... If you take the same medications over and over your body becomes immune to it where you need a stronger dose. It is the same thing for Neurotoxins. I recommend alternating between Dysport and Jeuveau.